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Starwood Vacation Network is a collection of 19 properties primarily located in the U.S. Mexico, and the Caribbean. When you purchase in one resort you can stay at your home resort for one week or only a few nights. You may book your time 12 months or less before your desired stay.  If you purchase in a Staroption Mandatory Resort, you can also stay in the other 18 resorts by converting to Starwood Options and reserving your time from 8 months to only a week in advance on a first come first serve basis without paying an additional fee. When you purchase any Starwood Resort Timeshare on the resale market, you will not have the option of converting to Star Points.

Confused well… Star options can be used to exchange into a different starwood resorts, change your villa size or your season, or enjoy the flexibility of an shorter than a week stay while Star Points are more of a conventional rewards program which you can redeem for stay in Starwood hotels, free flights or other special offers

Packages are sold in “weeks” and the total number of StarOptions awarded each year coincides with a 7-day stay at a resort..If a resort is Staroption “Mandatory when the week is sold to a new owner on the resale market,the Staroption value of the week transfers to the new owner, and the new owner has the right to exchange his timeshare in the Starwood Vacation Network.  So as long as you purchase resale in a Starwood Mandatory Resort, you will be allowed the flexibility that other timeshare lack. Starwood owners purchasing resale at Mandatory Resorts have the ability to stay any any resort they chose for as many days as the like.

One smart thing you may want to consider is to purchase  one of the “Voluntary Resorts”.Although Star Options and Star Points (SPG) benefits do not transfer on a resale purchase, these ownerships can be Requalified if you purchase a timeshare directly from the developer, after completing the purchase. Requalifying will give you both the StarOption value for the unit purchased, or  Star Points( something you can not get when  purchasing at a Mandatory Resort. This might be an inexpensive way to acquire the full benefits of a Starwood vacation property.

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The 19 locations in the Villa Collection are below.


Seller be ware. Any Star Option that are not from current use year can not be awarded to the new owner and will be lost on resale. Please use all of your carried over points from previous years.



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Westin Desert Willow

2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms

This is a floating week in the Gold season.