Marriott's Destination Points

Current Listings

Listing ID Price Points/Beds Expires in Year Unit Number Unit Type Use Period Week Number
5526 4875 2 March March
4868 7600 October 1500 pts.
5132 14000 3500 January 3500 Pts.
5561 4875 1500 Nov. 1500 pts
5640 17500 Annual 5000 pts
5692 21500 6500 pts July 6500 pts.


Marriott is a global leader in the timeshare industry. With 50 resorts in seven countries around the world, Marriott Vacation Club is committed to providing you with a level of luxury and service that is matched by few. Their newest concept in Marriott ownership is their Destination Point Program which gives you a level of flexibility that their week ownership does not.

When purchasing Destination Points, you purchase a set number of Beneficial Interests. Each Beneficial Interest is by definition 250 pts deeded to a trust. The cost to transfer each BI ( Beneficial Interest) is $500 with a minimum transfer fee of $3000. You may use these points at any MVC worldwide. If you are already a Destination Point Member, purchasing additional points do count toward elite status.

All sales are Subject to Marriott’s First Right of Refusal (FROR)

When buying or selling destination points that only the current years points are transferable to the new owner. Banked points and single use points ( given to an existing owner as a purchase bonus) do not transfer nor do points which are more than 6 months old when the new owner takes over the membership.